The Dutch, souvenircafe in Den Haag

The Dutch is a souvenir café in The Hague with a nice concept. It is both a shop where you can buy nice souvenirs but also a café where you can relax with a cup of coffee and homemade cakes and pies.

The Dutch Souvenir cafe

When you enter their store you will be welcomed by the lovely owner Catelijne who tells about her souvenir cafe with passion. She find it important to have personal contact with her customers and to give them the feeling that they are welcome and that is how I feel. Not only tourists come to The Dutch, but also local people.

An extensive assortment

My eye falls on the wooden decor of a canal house that I see in the back part of their souvenir shop and walk towards it.

There are all typical Hague products for sale but also Dutch souvenirs and many handmade unique items such as vases, cabinets, lighting and much more. They also sell Dutch delicacies such as the famous syrup waffles and many other sweets. The vast majority of the articles are for sale under their own name The Dutch. On the wall hang the paintings and posters that you can buy.

Homemade delicacies at their cafe

At the front is their café where you can choose from their delicious home-made specialty “Arretjes cake” The Dutch brownie cake “, Haagse Hopjes butter cake” The Hague coffee caramel cake “. They also have Dutch apple pie, lemon-gingerbread cake, toasted sandwiches and more. I chose fresh mint tea and Arretjes cake and Haagse Hopjes butter cake. They were delicious.

Point of sale and rental bike

The Dutch is a point of sale of peanut butter from Peanut butter shop and also support local entrepreneurs such as Eiber beer and Kompaan. In addition, they also rent beautiful white bicycles with Delft blue pattern. Bike rental per day is 12 euros. A deposit must be paid. It is certainly worthwhile to visit the souvenir cafe The Dutch.

Locatie: Heulstraat 13 in Den Haag

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