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7 Insta tour tips Amstelveen

Amstelveen: 7 Insta-tour tips. I give you tips and take you to the nicest places in Amstelveen. Read more.

Day 1

1.The Grand hotel Amstelveen

First I start with the Grand hotel Amstelveen. This is a 4-star hotel just outside Amstelveen center. It even has its own parking area where the guest can park the car for free. What I like about the Grand hotel Amstelveen is the interior of the room.

The hotelroom with the Dutch print

The room looks spacious, clean and stylishly decorated with a Dutch print of cows above my bed. The Dutch print is different in every room. So what really typical Dutch is such as tulips, windmills and more you see back in the Dutch print.

The colors of the LED lighting change manually via the control panel

You can also change the LED lighting around the Dutch print manually. The control panel of the LED lighting is mounted on the wall and user-friendly. From my own experience I know that colors can influence the mood. In addition, a certain color LED lighting can make a room attractive. This makes my hotel stay even more special and pleasant.

Excellent wifi reception in room

What is also very positive is the wifi reception in room. This is simply excellent. This allows me to listen to Spotify music and view my social media.

More info about the Grandhotel Amstelveen:

2.Cab drive with the luxurious Tesla model X

Have you made a taxi ride in a luxury Tesla Model X before? If not, it is really nice to experience Amstelveen or elsewhere.

Tesla Model X is an electric car with rear doors that open upwards, also known as hinged doors. I looked fascinated at the operation of the opening rear doors from both outside and inside the taxi. Because the taxi has a huge windscreen, I can enjoy the view of the stars and the sky above me. It is an amazing experience.

3.The 2 Michelin stars restaurant Aan de Poel

The next stop for culinary experience is the 2 Michelin star restaurant Aan de Poel. First, the huge building stands out. Especially in the dark with the golden light.


The owners of the 2 ** restaurant Aan de Poel are Stefan van Sprang and Robbert Veuger. Chef Stefan van Sprang devises and develops the dishes and then trains his team to prepare his dishes. The menu changes every so many months. The wine selection at the menu is composed by sommelier (wine expert) Robbert Veuger.

Matching wines with the menu

With each amuse, small dishes, dessert, a matching wine is served by the female sommelier. She tells briefly what kind of wine it is. Even though I am not a wine drinker, I have taken a sip from every glass of wine. This is more for understanding the taste and the choice of a particular type of wine for a dish.

6-course fine dining

The 6-course menu changes every so often. This is very good for a change from both regular customers and (kitchen) staff. First I got two types of appetizers.

This is followed by a number of small, eye-catching dishes. Of course there are also things that I really don’t like such as foie gras and venison steak. Firstly, foie gras is made from foie gras. It tastes like creamy but still has a distinct liver taste.

Secondly, I can best describe the taste of venison as a steak with a mild liver flavor. And what I just don’t like is the liver taste. This way everyone can have something he or she doesn’t like. In this case it says nothing about the dishes themselves. There are others who like foie gras and venison steak.

Then there are three more small desserts and lastly bonbons with other sweets for coffee or tea. Apart from foie gras and venison, I find the rest delicious. It really is an ultimate taste experience of the colorful eye-catching small dishes and desserts. I had a great culinary evening.

Dag 2

4.Lucy’s Kitchen

Lucy’s Kitchen is part of Cityden Up and is located on the top floor of the building. There is also a roof terrace where you have a beautiful view over Amstelveen. Lucy’s Kitchen mainly serves comfort food. You can have a delicious lunch or dinner there. Did you know that Cityden Up has a unique hotel apartment? You can book an overnight stay in an apartment there. It is just a little bit different than in a hotel.

Voor meer info, zie link en

5.The Cobra museum for modern art Amstelveen

A tip for art lovers: the Cobra museum of modern art Amstelveen. This is a museum for modern and contemporary art. It has an extensive collection of art from Dutch modern artists, especially from the members of the Cobra movement.

We get a tour of the museum guide. She talks passionately about the art collection. The name of the Cobra group is an abbreviation of COpenhagen, BRussel and Amsterdam. It is an international movement of young progressive artists. This group had an important influence on modern art in the years after the Second World War.

Meer info

6.Stadshart Amstelveen with personal shopper Ruben Senden

Would you also like to know which clothing styles and colors suit you best? Then a personal shopper can help you with that. The indoor shopping mall Stadshart Amstelveen namely has a personal shopper Ruben Senden. He provides personal advice in 1.5 hours on clothing, style and image for every budget.

If you register for personal shopping card of ‘t Stadshart Amstelveen, you can go for free with the personal shopper.

Meer info

7.Bistro Nice

A restaurant close to the Grand hotel Amstelveen. They serve delicious dishes, where they present the food beautifully.

I had I had a shrimp cocktail as a starter, surf and turf as a main course and creme brulee for dessert. A surf and turf dish is a combination of fish and meat. The food was delicious.

More info:

I greatly enjoyed my two-day event with the friendly group and I want to thank the organizers IAmsterdam and the Grandhotel Amstelveen for this.


Dutch version of this blogarticle:


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