Rozey is the first All-Inclusive Vegan & Vega restaurant in Rotterdam

Rozey is the first all-inclusive vegan & vegetarian restaurant in Rotterdam. Which is very good news for vegans and vegetarians. How wonderful it is to eat and drink unlimited vega (n) for a fixed amount. You can choose from 56 delicious dishes. Even if you are not a vegan or vegetarian, you may like the dishes.

Introduction of Rozey


The owners Roos and Roland started the restaurant Rozey on April 12 this year. They have opted for an All-Inclusive vegan & vega concept because it does not yet exist in Rotterdam. This makes Rozey the first All-Inclusive restaurant in Rotterdam and perhaps even in the Netherlands. The goal of Rozey is to expand with a concept that lends itself well to the big city. With their concept, they respond to the great need of vegans and vegetarians.

The choice for Rotterdam has come because they first find a beautiful city to start a new restaurant. “A lot is always happening in the city such as good and creative things,” says Roos. Secondly, the location of their premises in Wijnhaven. According to her, this is a somewhat up-and-coming area in Rotterdam.

The name Rozey

The name Rozey was invented by Roland. It is derived from the name of the co-owner Roos. Another nice thing about this is that the name Rozey is also her nickname. It sounds sweet but also playful. A name that is easy to remember. Moreover, she is happy with the name Rozey and is even honored that the restaurant is named after her.

The creation of 56 delicious dishes

How did the dishes come about? Roos answers this. “The 56 dishes were devised by a whole team. They paid a lot of attention to this. Especially Etienne (chef who became a vegetarian during his trip around the world) and William (formerly employed at Parkheuvel) devised most recipes and compiled the dishes. We notice to the guests that they greatly appreciate the restaurant and especially enjoy eating with us. “

All-Inclusive vega(n) restaurant Rozey

All-Inclusive concept at Rozey

Anyone familiar with All-Inclusive restaurants knows how the concept works. At Rozey you can choose a maximum of 2 dishes per person in each round. In addition, you can choose side dishes with every round: fries, sweet potato fries and bread. This can therefore lead to 3 dishes per person in each round. You can choose the dishes via an order form on the table. You then hand it in to the staff so that the chefs can prepare the food for you.

I have written before that drinks are also included. This does not include bottled beers, bottled wines and prosecco. Soft drinks, Heineken, other wines and hot drinks, 2 homemade iced tea varieties are included. You also pay a fixed amount for unlimited vegetarian food and drinks. For 37.50 euros (Friday to Sunday) and 32.50 euros (Monday to Thursday). There is also no time limit for unlimited vegetarian food and drink. So you can stay there from 5 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

My own experience

The entire evening I opted for the delicious refreshing iced tea. Really ideal in warm weather. The menu has been expanded with 56 dishes, 50:50 of which are vegan and vega. I am not a vegan or vegetarian myself, but occasionally I enjoy eating vegan and vegetarian. There are a number of dishes that are my favorites including seaweed croquettes, pokebowl and more. However, I did not manage to do all 56 dishes on 1 night, but that is not a problem. I’ll just come back another time. As a non-vegan and vegetarian, I think Rozey is a must.

For more information:


Wijnhaven 85

3011 WK Rotterdam


Opening times: 17.00 – 22.30 uur

37,50 euro (Friday till Sunday) en 32,50 euro (Monday till Thursday).

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