Brewerpub the Hofnar: beer paradise with good quality food

The Hofnar brewer pub is more of a modern pub with a range of more than 100 types of beer. In addition, an extensive menu, packages and more.

Since its takeover by the Hofnar, Brewerpub is no longer a brewery. The Hofnar has, however, retained the name brouwcaf√© (brewerpub) for its recognisability. So even though beer is no longer brewed in the brewery pub, you can still go there for beer with a choice of more than 100 types of beer. You can’t actually see the Hofnar as a typical pub, but more as a modern pub.

Brewerpub the Hofnar

The Hofnar brewer pub focuses primarily on beer and food. How about a choice from more than 100 types of beer. For a beer lover that is a true beer paradise. Even if you don’t like beer, there is also a wide selection of wines. As a food blogger I am more interested in the food they serve. It is not just bitterballen and other snacks. No, it’s more than that. The Hofnar introduced a new menu not long ago where they pay more attention to food. And then we are talking about good quality food that is also beautifully presented on the plate.

My own experience

I first start with a smoked salmon salad as an appetizer. It looks colorful and delightful. Then a surf and turf as main course. This consists of grill from the grill with two King Prawns served with vegetables and chimichurri. A homemade bounty for dessert. The latter is clearly my favorite sweet. I really enjoyed my dinner with the dessert.

Packages and groupsmenu

There are of course vega and vegan options. They also have seasonal dishes. They also have various packages such as high tea, high wine, high beer and more. They also offer a number of group menus for a fixed amount. So if you come close, it is definitely worth it to have a nice lunch or dinner or a drink there.

Brewerpub the Hofnar

Doctor Lelykade 28

2583 CM Scheveningen


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