Culinary boat trip ‘Game on the water’

"Game on the Water" is a culinary sailing trip organized by shipping company Oosterschelde. In this blog you can read more about this unique experience.

“Game on the Water” is a culinary sailing trip organized by shipping company Oosterschelde. Last week I had the unique experience of joining the last sailing trip of this year. I was invited and was allowed to sail on the beautiful ship “Helena”. The special experience of sailing in combination with a culinary three-course menu was one that I had never experienced before. In this blog you can read more about this unique experience.

Monumental ship Helena

In Hellevoetsluis I went on board for the culinary journey. I was welcomed by the crew. Jan the manager told more about the monumental ship “Helena”. “Helena” was built in 1875 and was part of the Dutch monumental heritage. After a major restoration, the ship is again in use for culinary trips, day trips, sailing and other events. How wonderful is that?

Sailing on the Haringvliet

We went sailing on the Haringvliet. I found it really interesting to see what sailing actually meant, because I had no idea about this. We were even allowed to help with hoisting the sails and take turns at the helm. I really enjoyed watching the sunset from the deck with the wind through my hair. After a few hours we sail back to the port of Hellevoetsluis.

Diner time!

When we were back in Hellevoetsluis, it was time to have dinner. In the meantime, the ministry was covering the tables, while our ship’s cook Fred was busy preparing the dishes in his kitchen. His kitchen on the “Helena” is quite small but Fred was not hindered in preparing his dishes for a large group!

Culinary tours

“Helena” has four culinary tours every year. The “Delicious asparagus” (25 April), “The fresh catch” (13 June), “The mussels on the Maas” (12 September) and “Game on the water” (25 October). It has been a nice experience for me to get acquainted with culinary game dishes in this way, because I do not make and eat them myself.

Culinary dishes

I have heard many positive sounds about the game itself. They told me that if you are really a game fan, this culinary tour is highly recommended. What I really liked was the stewed pears, the chestnut puree and of course the dessert. However, you pay 59 euros for this culinary tour, which does not include the drinks that you had to pay later in the evening. The money that is collected through this event goes to the foundation for the maintenance of the ship “Helena”.

Looking back

Despite the fact that my vegetarian dish did not go well that evening, but with the compensation for another culinary trip on the “Helena” next year, I had a very nice sailing trip and enjoyed it. During this culinary trip I met a nice group of people who were enjoying the dishes with me. In addition, I have experienced the crew as friendly. I therefore want to thank the “Oosterschelde” shipping company for the invitation to this culinary experience on their “Helena” and hope to see them again next year!

Compilation video of the culinary boat trip ‘Game on the water’.

Info reederij ‘Oosterschelde’ :

Delicious asparagus:

The fresh Catch:

The mussels on the Maas:

Game on the water:

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