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Ellis Gourmet Burger: Love for a burger

Ellis Gourmet Burger: love for a burger. This is a hamburger restaurant, where not only the meat eater, but also the vegetarian and vegan can go here. Read more.

Ellis Gourmet Burger: Love for a burger


Ellis Gourmet Burger is the concept of a group of enthusiasts with one goal in mind and that is to serve better burgers in a pleasant atmosphere. The name refers to Ellis Island near New York. This is a border post where European immigrants entered the US during the last century and where the origin of the hamburger lies.

You can find Ellis Gourmet Burger locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. We went to Ellis Gourmet Burger at 20 Gravenstraat in Amsterdam.

Ellis Gourmet Burger at Gravenstraat 20 in Amsterdam

Our own experience

Ellis Gourmet Burger at Gravenstraat 20 in Amsterdam has a huge window where you can see at a glance that it looks very nice and cozy on the inside. As a result, we walked in and were warmly welcomed by the staff. The interior has a kind of robust industrial appearance that also has something modern. We went upstairs where there is a fireplace in the middle. As soon as this element was on, I immediately felt a homely atmosphere. We then sat down at a table and carefully looked at the menu.

Surprising flavors

It is an extensive menu with enough items for meat eater, vegetarian and vegan. We chose a vega burger “Crazy Red Veggie”. This was a surprisingly delicious red pepper soy burger with baby spinach, rocket salad, pecans, red onion, tomato and their special Ellis lime mayonnaise. It is all those combinations of flavors that make it complete and balanced. Then a “Classic Gourmet Burger” where the meat tasted so delicious and juicy.

Delicious diner

As side dishes we chose a number of items such as Beetroot balls, Poutine, Chicken Ceasar salad, fried cauliflower pieces in dough and French fries. The “Beetroot balls” are fried balls with red beets as content. These taste even very good. Of course you have to like beetroot. The “Poutine” is known in Canada and consists of fresh fries, gravy, melted cheese and spring onions. We thought it was a separate combination, but still delicious. We also know the famous “Chicken Ceasar Salad” which is wonderfully refreshing with crispy chicken pieces.

Beetroot balls

What we found a little less, were the fried cauliflower pieces with sweet sauce over it. It would have been better to serve the sauce separately so that we could use it as a dip. Finally, we had selected blueberry layered pie and ice cream with macarons as desserts. These were delicious especially the Blue Berry Layered Pie.

Blue Berry Layered Pie and icecream with macarons

Looking back

Our experience with Ellis Gourmet Burger was very positive. However, we cannot remember having eaten delicious burgers elsewhere than at Ellis Gourmet Burger. What were the burgers delicious! We will definitely come by again.

We want to thank Anne de Graaf of for the invitation and thank Ellis Gourmet Burger for the hospitality and the wonderful experience with their delicious specialties.

If you are in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Breda or Rotterdam, be sure to visit Gourmet Ellis Burger. And if you are in Amsterdam, especially to Gourmet Ellis Burger at Gravenstraat 20. Recommended!

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