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9 tips why Goeree Overflakkee is special

9 tips why Goeree Overflakkee is special. Did you know that Goeree Overflakkee is an island? In addition, Goeree Overflakkee is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands. My first introduction to the beautiful island was very positive. I discovered how special Goeree Overflakkee really was. There is so much to experience there. That is why I have 9 tips for you to discover Goeree Overflakkee yourself and it is also ideal for children. Read more.

Goeree Overflakkee


Goeree-Overflakkee is both an island and a municipality. It is located in the southwest of the Dutch province of South Holland. In addition, the island is surrounded by the North Sea, the Haringvliet, the Volkerak randmeer, the Krammer and the Grevelingenmeer. Goeree-Overflakkee belongs to the province of South Holland.

9 tips Goeree Overflakkee

1.the Goeree Overflakkee tourist inspiration point

The Goeree Overflakkee tourist information point is located in ‘t Blaeuwe Huus in Ouddorp. Guests can explore what there is to see and do at Goeree-Overflakkee in a contemporary and interactive way. The experience starts with an interactive table on which a model of the island is displayed and more. Get inspired there yourself so that you can put together your own day out read on for my other 8 tips.

2. Flakkeese bolus

A Flakkeese bolus is a delicacy from Goeree Overflakkee. It is different in shape and taste than the famous Zeeland bolus. First, the Flakkeese bolus is in pretzel shape. And secondly, dark caster sugar is not used but with white caster and a lot of cinnamon goes through. Did you know that the bolus was introduced to Zeeland by the Portuguese Jews at the end of the sixteenth century? You can actually say that it was originally a Jewish delicacy. I can say from my own experience that the Flakkeese bolus is a wonderfully sweet treat.

3. Bird Observatory Tij

We were met by the forester who could tell us more about the Bird Observatory Tide and guided us there. At the edge of the Haringvliet there is a particularly unique bird observatory Tij. It was opened in April 2019 as part of the Haringvliet Dream Fund. What makes the Tij bird observatory so special is the architecture. It is built in the shape of a giant egg and it is spectacular both on the inside and the outside. You can enjoy the birds and the Haringvliet through a look-through. Ideal for bird lovers, but even if you are not, it is still a unique experience to be there.

More information and booking an excursion.

Bird Observatory Tij. Photocredit: Olivier Groot / Hexashots

4. Slikken of Flakkee

It is a beautiful nature reserve with 150 Heck cattle, fjord horses consisting of 50 mares and 30 foals, 60 deer and other animals. If you want to experience it up close as I did and from my own experience it was very nice. Then you can book an excursion, where you explore the area in an excursion car that is pulled by a tractor. A guide will then tell you more about the Slikken van Flakkee and its residents. The excursion with a guide takes place in the summer months. You can book it at the VVV inspiration point in Ouddorp or online.

5. Zoet of Zout restaurant

The robust exterior of the Zoet of Zout (Sweet or Salt) restaurant stands out with the light blue metallic color. It has a spacious outdoor terrace where you can sit outside and enjoy the view of the water and beautiful surroundings. The choice of the name Zoet of Zout (Sweet or Salt) is because of the location: the Haringvlietdam. It is in fact between fresh and salt water. Furthermore, the interior of the restaurant is decorated in an industrial style that looks hip and modern. Finally, in the open kitchen, dishes are prepared with pure and local products. We had a delicious lunch there with soup, hamburger and other luxury sandwiches. The restaurant is highly recommended!

6. A Seal, Seal shelter in Stellendam

In addition to the Zoet of Zout (Sweet or Salt) restaurant you have a seal sanctuary called A Seal. The shelter is located in Stellendam and the working area runs from around IJmuiden to Cadzand. However, more than a thousand seals live in this area. The seal shelter is intended to help animals in need and to release them afterwards. You can see the seals up close. You can also see how volunteers look after the seals. You can also know everything about the different seals that live in our area. You can also climb on sandbanks and enjoy the view. Definitely worth a look!

More info: A Seal Seal sanctuary.

7. Brouwersdam beach

A beautiful long stretched beach of 17 km where you can walk. There are several pavilions where you can go for a nice snack and drink. During warm days you can sunbathe and play beach games. The dogs can play and play on the beach between 1 October and 1 May.

8. Kite surfing and other water sports

This beach is ideal and very suitable for extreme water sports. Just think of kite surfers, buggy kites, sand yachting and kite flying. If you also want to learn kite surfing or other water sports, there are schools in the area where you can go for a workshop or lessons.

There is also a kite zone on the Brouwersdam. This means that kite surfing is only allowed on the sea side but not on the Grevelingen side. In addition, the northern half of the beach is designated as a swimmers’ zone. This area is to the right of beach club De Kous if you look at the sea. Furthermore, this zone is covered with yellow buoys both on the water and on the beach. Forbidden to kit within these yellow buoys.

Finally, there is also a rescue post nearby. Click -> Webcam Brouwersdam beach.

9. Observation tower information center Grevelingenmeer

Finally we went to visit the information center for the Grevelingenmeer observation tower. This is managed by Staatsbosbeheer and it must be a base of the nature experience in the area. Access to the building and the tower is free. On the ground floor you will find the souvenir shop and the canteen. If you like architecture, the building on the inside is impressive. You also reach the top of the tower via the stairs where you have a beautiful view of the beach and surroundings.

Looking back

The 9 tips for the beautiful island of Goeree Overflakkee were created by the Insta tour. This tour was organized by the municipality of Eiland Goeree Overflakkee (IG account: @Eilandgo) and Jann van (IG account: @senns_less). Thank you for the invitation. I had never been to Goeree Overflakkee before. So this was a unique experience for me to visit the beautiful nature reserves in Goeree Overflakkee. If you want to visit a beautiful location in the Netherlands, then definitely go to Goeree Overflakkee.

Photocredit: Pascal Sweets

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