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Appeltje Eitje with a large selection of vega(n) options

Appeltje Eitje is a cozy lunchroom with a homely atmosphere in The Hague. They have an extensive menu with also vega(n) options.

Appeltje Eitje is a cozy lunchroom with a homely atmosphere in the Zeeheldenkwartier. You can go there for breakfast, brunch and lunch. They have an extensive menu with also vega(n) options. You can choose from homemade cakes, sandwiches, salads, soups, juices and more.

‘Appeltje Eitje’ on the Prins Hendrikstraat


Nigel Croes has been the owner of Appeltje Eitje for 4 years. He has taken over Appeltje Eitje from his former employer. The owner of today has kept the name Appeltje Eitje because he thought it was a nice name. At the moment, Appeltje Eitje has 2 branches on both Prins Hendrikstraat and Keizerstraat.

Pietje, the mascot of Appeltje Eitje

Pietje is the black house cat of Appeltje Eitje and you can occasionally meet him. He can lie comfortably next to you or say hello with his soft meow. Regular customers also consider Pietje the mascot of the lunchroom.


Appeltje Eitje has an extensive menu, but I was curious about the most ordered dish from the customers. And according to the waitress, it turned out that the pita with the avocado hummus. So that became my dish. My friend chose the quesadilla, because she had eaten it before with Appeltje Eitje and really liked it. We also chose an Indian salad to share.

Looking back

I experienced Appeltje Eitje on the Prins Hendrikstraat as positive. The interior evokes a homely atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable. And as a cat lover I think that Pietje, the black cat, also completes the image of domesticity. It can often be busy at Appeltje Eitje on weekends, so it is still useful to book in advance. I also like that there is a wide choice of vegan (n) options. In addition, there is also thought of the fish and meat eater. If you have dietary requirements and / or allergies, it is wise to indicate this in advance. I myself experienced the food as colorful and delicious. In addition, the dishes are also invented by Appeltje Eitje. I also found the service friendly. I can understand why customers keep returning, because I would.

Appeltje Eitje has two locations: Prins Hendrikstraat 69 in The Hague and Keizerstraat 124 in Scheveningen.

Website: Appeltje Eitje

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