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Buddha Bowl Scheveningen: colorful healthy bowls

Buddha Bowl Scheveningen has colorful healthy bowls. This is a very nice hotspot where it is tastefully decorated in a beach lounge style.

Buddha Bowl Scheveningen: colorful healthy bowls. Think buddha bowls, poke bowls, smoothie bowls and more. This is a very nice hotspot where it is tastefully decorated in a beach lounge style. You can find the Buddha Bowl on Statenlaan, close to the pleasant shopping street Frederik Hendriklaan. On the outside terrace of the Buddha Bowl you can enjoy an exotic cocktail or drink fresh coconut water from a coconut. Furthermore, you can also enjoy delicious food, because on the menu there is something for everyone!

Buddha Bowl Scheveningen


The Buddha Bowl Scheveningen was opened by franchise entrepreneur Sherani Girjasing at the beginning of September 2019. She said that although the basis of the Buddha Bowl franchise concept continues to exist, she still wants to use her own creativity on top of the basis. This means mapping out new dishes that she will come up with with her own team. We can therefore expect more from this!

Difference between buddha bowl and poke bowl

We asked Sherani what makes her buddha bowl different from the well-known poke bowl that almost everyone knows. She answered this as follows: “A buddha bowl is a kind of poke bowl with no rules attached. So the chef can throw in whatever he wants. Usually the basis is grains such as quinoa, rice, pearl barley, bulgur or couscous, on top of that are the vegetables and on top of that a topping such as chicken, avocado or salmon with a dressing to top it off ”. Her description about her Buddha bowl therefore sounds very tasty and healthy. Buddha bowl, happiness in a bowl!


Outside the weather was nice and ideal for lunch on the terrace. First, we got a welcome drink from Buddha Bowl to make us feel welcome as guests. So they have succeeded. For lunch we first started with a bowl of various fried snacks and dip sauces. Then vegan Pad Thai, chicken Bali satés and salmon poke bowl. In between we drank fresh coconut water from a coconut through a straw.

Looking back

Buddha Bowl Scheveningen is a small cozy restaurant where the interior and the outside terrace are decorated in an attractive beach lounge style. The Buddha statue completes the picture. And that also applies to the small mobile outdoor bar for cocktails and coconuts. The fresh coconut water was wonderfully refreshing and thirst-quenching in warm weather. Which is ideal for such a heat wave as today. We got to try a number of dishes. The dishes were beautifully and colorfully presented. They also taste fresh and delicious. I can describe their food as Asian fusion food. We have experienced the staff as friendly. All in all, a positive experience and a must!

Buddha Bowl Scheveningen at Statenlaan 38 k.

The franchise provider Thirjeet Gurwara, owner of Buddha Bowl, opened his first Buddha Bowl at 22 Prins Hendrikplein three years ago. The second Buddha Bowl Scheveningen was opened by franchise owner Sherani Girjasing in September 2019.

Website: the menu for home delivery (only in Scheveningen)

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