Melon pizza with only 4 ingredients

Melon pizza with only 4 ingredients. This is really a very simple recipe and its so delicious and refreshing. Go to recipe and try this out.

Melon pizza with only 4 ingredients. Its a very easy recipe. The melon pizza is delicous and refreshing. Try this recipe out.

Melon pizza with only 4 ingredients


You need 1 small melon,

A jar of sliced ​​black olives. You can of course also take black olives and cut them into rings yourself.

1 packet of feta cheese. I have used organic feta cheese myself.

Few leaves of fresh mint. You can do it in whole or cut in pieces.


Cut the melon into thick slices but keep it in the round shape like a pizza.

Then cut the melon slice into several pieces. You can determine this yourself in how many pieces.

Then you will cover each piece of melon with sliced ​​or crumbled feta cheese, black olive rings and mint leaves (whole or in pieces). Enjoy your meal!

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