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Madal Bal: an organic supermarket and health center

Do you already know Madal Bal on the Denneweg in The Hague? This is both an organic supermarket and a health center. Madal Bal is a really nice place where I like to do my shopping. When I think of their keywords “happy, healthy and tasty” it makes me happy, but also when you enter the supermarket. Read more.

Madal Bal: organic supermarket and health center


William Gerretsen opened his organic supermarket in 1988. Since then it has become a big concept in The Hague. Right from the start, he was a pioneer in the field of healthy organic food with Madal Bal. Because pioneering is in his blood, he has a nose for innovative products that are popular with customers.

With the arrival of Pradeep Hoogakker as co-owner of Madal Bal in 2013, the team was complete. Because Pradeep Hoogakker is a certified chemist, you can also see this in the range of nutritional supplements, natural cosmetics and more.

Madal Bal is also seen as a trendsetter in the field of raw and superfoods. This is thanks to the collaboration with a company, which also allows them to anticipate the rest.

The name Madal Bal

Before the store opened in 1988, their spiritual teacher chose the name for their store. It became the name Madal Bal (Bengali: inner strength). I think this name fits very well with the supermarket and the health center as a whole.

Customer-friendly and service-oriented, as in an old-fashioned neighborhood store

Another nice thing about Madal Bal is the fact that they have the customer friendliness and service of an old-fashioned neighborhood store. And this is what the local residents really experienced. A while ago Madal Bal was in 2nd place with the nicest store in the Netherlands of a TV program. The local residents had voted en masse to show their appreciation and support for Madal Bal.

doing groceries at Madal Bal

Shop-in-Shop formula

The store concept also includes a kind of shop-in-shop formula. This formula responds to the wishes of the consumer. I am going to list a number of these. There is a juice bar where you can get freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. Do you want fresh (gluten-free) bread? then that is also possible because they bake them themselves. Do you fancy something sweet? then you can try their freshly made vegan sweets like the smicker. I loved this myself. Highly recommended! The name smicker is an addition of smikkelen and snicker.


Large line of products

Of course Madal Bal also has a wide range of healthy and organic vega(n) products. How about fresh and unsprayed fruit and vegetables? Wide choice of raw and superfoods, nutritional supplements, organic make-up and cosmetics and more. They even developed the popular Madal Bal lemon juice cure. In the near future it will also be possible to order multiple products from their webshop.

Health Center

The top floor of the supermarket is set up as a health center. You can go there for a treatment with one of their therapists. Furthermore, workshops are also given. For more information, you can find it on their website.

From my experience

Madal Bal is a very nice organic supermarket for shopping. I was helped very well by the staff. They gave me advice and tips for products that were new to me. I really liked all those products. In short, Madal Bal is a must!

products of Madal Bal

Madal Bal, Denneweg 126 b in The Hague.

Website: Madal Bal

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