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Karakter’s Picnic Box: ready-to-use picnic box

Karakter’s Picnic box: ready-to-use picnic box. Karakter means Character. Everyone knows picnics with the well-stocked picnic basket, but there is also a ready-made picnic box from Character. To our delight we got to try out Character’s picnic box. Read more about our experience.

Karakter’s Picnic Box


Founder and owner of Karakter’s picnic box is Pety Breughem. The ready-made picnic box is freshly put together by Pety herself. She works as a chef at another restaurant where you can pick up the picnic box.

The origin of Karakter’s picnic box

Ten years ago, she and her now ex-partner founded a restaurant called Karakter. The origin of the Karakter’s picnic box was actually due to the hot summer. Pety came up with the idea to provide a kind of picnic service for the people, so that the people can have a picnic outside the restaurant. So she started assembling and delivering picnic boxes to people 2 years ago.

The name of the Karakter (Character)

The name was invented by its co-owner at the time. He liked the name, but he also believed that everything, including the ingredients, had its own character (karakter). Pety also liked the name and agreed. The restaurant Karakter no longer exists due to resettlement, but she has taken over the name Karakter for her company in picnic box. At first she wanted to name Pety’s picnic box, but the name Karakter was already known to the people. So it became Karakter’s picnic box after all.

Pick-up location

After her restaurant closed due to resettlement, Pety went to work as a chef at another restaurant. Then the Corona lockdown started and in consultation with her employer she was allowed to do her picnic baskets. Where she works at the restaurant, the picnic box can also be picked-up.

Picnic box and picnic basket

She came across the picnic box on the internet. It is a take-away picnic box where you can put everything. The box is handy and sturdy. You can even click wooden cutlery into it. In addition, there is also a special cup holder. During Corona lockdown, take-away boxes were also in high demand. The boxes were sold out throughout the Netherlands. As a result, she had to buy 10 picnic baskets. Now she has enough picnic boxes and can alternate with the picnic baskets. People can take the picnic baskets with a deposit.

Contents of picnic box

Pety works as a chef in a restaurant that focuses on French cuisine. You don’t see this kind of food in her picnic box. She wants to keep it accessible and only eat food in her picnic box that people always enjoy. Just think of pasties, tasty spreads and more. It is different every time. So food that makes you really happy with fresh ingredients that are not too difficult, says Pety. If you have dietary requirements or certain allergies, you can indicate this to her in advance, so that they can be taken into account. You can also choose from a bottle of wine or a bottle of juice.

Our Karakter’s Picnic Box

We had a picnic box for 2 people. The box was filled with fresh baguette, vegetarian sausage rolls, pasties, marinated chicken pieces, vegetable mix, shrimp-cucumber skewers with chili sauce, humus, garlic butter and chocolate brownie dessert. There is also a large bottle of orange juice. We went for a picnic with our picnic box on the quay near Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam.

Looking back

The take-away picnic box from Karakter was fantastic. You can take it anywhere and it is very convenient to use. Going for a picnic during a heat wave wasn’t exactly ideal, but we did. We were very excited about what we would see in our picnic box. It is a kind of surprise, a box that you open as if it were some kind of birthday present. Do you know that feeling? So we opened our box and we were very pleasantly surprised at what we had in our box. It was really one big delicious treat. Despite the extreme heat, we really really enjoyed our picnic box. We thought it was a great experience and afterwards we could put the empty picnic box in the trash can. Karakter’s picnic box is clearly recommended!

Karakter’s Picnic Box, Voorhaven 6C in Rotterdam.

Website: Karakter’s Picnic Box

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