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Roseval Wagenstraat: Allure, attractive and delicious food

Roseval Wagenstraat: allure, attractive and delicious food. This is a new hotspot in Wagenstraat in The Hague. Roseval turns out to be a really nice breakfast and lunchroom. We had a wonderful lunch there. Read on for our experience.

Roseval Wagenstraat


Sheena Shu and Arthur Groenenberg are together the proud owners of the breakfast and lunchroom Roseval. Since February 2020, they took over the beautiful corner building on Wagenstraat. Due to the unexpected Corona lockdown, the opening of their Roseval had been delayed by a few months. Roseval was not allowed to open until June. Now everyone can enjoy their delicious food !.

The goal of Roseval Wagenstraat is to be a breakfast and lunchroom for local residents and tourists. It is also possible to have a drink at Roseval, but not for dinner. Roseval therefore closes its doors at 6 p.m.

The name of Roseval

The owners initially had the name Roosevelt in mind, but it was already taken by then. That is why it became Roseval, because this name fits well with the building, the interior and their concept.

Roseval Wagenstraat

“Allure” concept

Just as the building, the interior and the name must radiate a certain allure, these also apply to the products. Hence, Roseval chooses to use luxury products. Products that are of better quality. You can see this in their soft drinks, bread, coffee, tea, matcha and even their crockery. Customers simply pay the normal prices for the luxury products, so that Roseval remains accessible to everyone.

The menu

The menu changes with the season. Chef Arthur Groenenberg is constantly devising new dishes, which he puts on the menu. Roseval appreciates the feedback from the environment and the social feedback from the followers. As a result, they know which dish is popular and which is not. Popular dishes such as hummus salad, crispy chicken sandwich and bowls remain on the menu. Other dishes are adapted and refined.

Colorful and beautiful versus taste

Roseval also understands that in today’s social media era, dishes must be presented both colorfully and beautifully. People like to take pictures of their food. What Roseval has noticed at other companies is that more attention is paid to the look than to the taste. And although taste is much more important to Roseval than what a plate looks like, Roseval tries to find a balance in that. Which went very well with our dishes!


For lunch we chose the most popular dishes from customers. These dishes are: acai bowl, the hummus salad and the crispy chicken sandwich. We also went to try the new dessert banana bread with Turkish yogurt and strawberry jam and fruits. We also ordered the homemade iced tea.


Looking back

The breakfast and lunch room Roseval is really tastefully decorated that leans more towards the sixties style. It still exudes a certain elegance, but it also feels homely.

We were received very kindly by the charming owner Sheena Shu. Because it was warm outside, we decided to have lunch on the attractive terrace of Roseval. We went to try the homemade iced tea. It was wonderfully refreshing and tasted like more. Our lunch was surprisingly delicious. The dishes looked beautiful and colorful, but the flavors were very well balanced. You really tasted the freshness and that it was prepared with care.

All in all, we enjoyed it. This also allows us to understand very well why the dishes are popular with other customers. Roseval is a really nice place to have lunch. This hotspot is now one of our favorite places in The Hague. Clearly recommended!

Roseval, Wagenstraat 144 in The Hague.

Website: Roseval Wagenstraat

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