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Frecious Slow Juice: The 5 day juice fast (detox) treatment

Frecious Slow Juice: the 5-day juice fast (detox) treatment. This was a real challenge for me. I had always been a comfort eater, but I also ate out of boredom. As a result, I gained weight every time. At a certain point I realized that I urgently needed to change my unhealthy diet. I just didn’t know how and in what way. And then Frecious Slow Juice came my way. I had never done a detox or juice fast before. In addition, I also did not know whether I would be able to finish the 5-day juice fast cure. If you want to know my experience about this, read on.

Frecious Slow Juice


The Frecious company was founded in 2011 and was started by the owners Murk Vermeeren and Roos Nauta. Frecious is the only slow juicery in the world that produces 100 percent pure slow juice. They screw press the organic vegetables slowly and shock-freeze the vegetables super fast. That is why the customers receive the juices and soups deep frozen.

The name of Frecious

The name of Frecious is a combination of Fresh (fresh) and Delicious (delicious). The goal of Frecious used to be to be the tastiest vegetable juice in the Netherlands and now it has changed into the healthiest juice in the Netherlands.

Mission of Frecious

Their mission is to ensure that people get their daily 500 grams. In addition, these people do not have to change their lifestyle. Why 500 grams? this has been based on the outcome of the investigation of Imperial College London. It argued for the new norm that people should eat in fruit and vegetables.

By the way, Frecious also practices sustainability and is also environmentally conscious. In the first place, their residual product is processed in fiber-rich vegetable bars and granola. Second, all of their plastic bottles are 100 percent recycled (BPA free) plastic. And third, they run entirely on wind energy.

Products and their subscriptions

Their juices are 70 percent vegetables, 30 percent fruit, 0 percent fruit sugar and contain 8 or more ingredients. Other products include soups, health shots, granola, vegetable bars and more. You can also choose from different mix boxes. In addition, you can also subscribe to their boxes with an extra discount and no delivery costs.

My experience with the 5 day juice fast (detox) treatment

Package personally delivered by appointment

I received my deep frozen package with 25 juices, 5 soups and 14 health shots delivered to my home by appointment. All those products went straight into my freezer.

Guidance from Frecious

Before you can start with a 5-day juice fast, it is wise to do a 7-day tapering diet phase first. You will then receive information from Frecious about what you can and cannot eat during those 7 days. After the phasing-out diet phase, I was allowed to start my juice fast treatment. I was guided through their accompanying emails. I could also contact them for further questions. I was also given a 5-day juice fast (detox) cure schedule. On that schedule it was indicated which types of juices, soups and health shots had to be taken out of the freezer for which day. If you complete the 5-day juice fast treatment in its entirety, you can then start with the constructive diet phase. Read on for my juice fast report.

Day 1

From day 1 I started to feel very hungry. This was one of the detox symptoms. Which is normal in detoxing by the way! Detoxification is a specific period in which the stored waste products are removed from your body. This naturally happens through the kidneys, faeces and skin. I was informed about this in Frecious accompanying emails which these are and what you can do about it. I was having a hard time. My body was begging for food, because it was not used to being ignored by me. My body was also not used to only using juices, soup and health shots as food. I tried to distract myself from the constant hunger pangs. Even though I was hungry, the juices gave me a boost to get through the day.

Day 2

I had neatly drunk half of my juices in the morning at the times of my program. I put the other half of my juices in my bag to take to work. What happened next. I forgot to bring my juices. These were then left outside the refrigerator for hours. Because I was very hungry at work, I started sniffing odors. That helped to distract me from the hunger. After work, I still went to drink my juices that had been outside the refrigerator. I immediately noticed that the quality of the juices had deteriorated due to my own stupidity.

Day 3

Besides hunger, I also developed other detox symptoms such as fatigue, headache, bad breath / weird taste in the mouth and coldness. I was so hungry that I just stared at people eating and sniffed their food smells. They offered to join me for dinner, but I kindly declined them. I could resist eating and I could tell that I was getting stronger mentally. I also noticed that I had lost some weight.

Day 4

I still had detoxification reactions and especially hunger, fatigue and coldness were more prominent. As soon as I got really hungry, I sniffed my hot broth but didn’t drink it. I also went to see a lot of pictures and videos of the food on social media. This was more to see if I would be tempted to eat after all. Fortunately, that was not the case. When I was cold, I took a hot shower. During detox I went to sleep earlier than normal due to fatigue.

Day 5

On the last day I was not that hungry anymore. My body was getting used to it. I was happy that I had completed my 5-day juice fast. Surely this was a win for me.

Looking back

Cleansing from the inside

When I started the 5-day juice fast, I of course did not know what to expect. I knew the juice fast was going to cleanse my body from within. It would also be a kind of reset of my diet afterwards, as I would be more aware of what I was going to put in my mouth. I was having a hard time with the 5-day juice fast. During the treatment I got detoxification symptoms, but these were part of a detox. My body would get rid of the stored waste during detoxification. In addition, my body was not used to just juices, soups and health shots. So it made sense for my body to beg for more food.

Become mentally stronger and therefore more conscious with eating

Completing the 5-day juice fast was a win for me. It made me mentally stronger but also more aware of my food. As a result, my unhealthy diet changed to a more healthy diet. Sure I will enter a day once a week where I allow myself to eat unhealthy food and the rest of the days healthy.

Physical benefits of the juice fast

The juices and soups from Frecious were delicious. It took some getting used to drinking soups cold. What I did notice was that the juices and soups gave me a boost every time. It also made me more energetic and felt better about myself. My skin looked much better too. It also seemed like my hair got a bit more volume. I also lost something. All in all, it is recommended to have the body cleaned from the inside every now and then with the juice fast (detox) treatment Frecious.

More info: Frecious Slow Juice

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