Avocado with mango and salmon in avocado bowl

Avocado with mango and salmon in avocado bowl. This is a healthy and refreshing treat. See my simple recipe.

Avocado with mango and salmon in avocado bowl ( 4 persons)


2 avocado’s

1 large mango

100 gram smoked salmon cubes

1 bottle of beetroot ketchup (for example : Bionova)

a pinch salt

4 stems of chives

1 lemon

Optional: edible flowers


1.Halve the avocados vertically and remove the kernel. Then you scoop out the avocado flesh and put them in a bowl. Cut the avocado flesh into small cubes. Keep the avocado shells separate because we will use them for filling later.

2. Peel the mango and cut the flesh and cut into cubes. You add these cubes together with the avocado cubes in the bowl. Then mix with a little bit of lime and salt to taste.

3. Fill 4 mango bowls with avocado and mango cubes with the salmon cubes on top. Then you add coarsely chopped chives. Finally, you put beet ketchup on top. You can use an edible flower as a decoration. Enjoy your meal!

Avocado bowl with avocado, m ango and salmon

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