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Unlimited tasting Tapas de Luxe at the Beachroom

Unlimited tasting Tapas de Luxe at the Beachroom. In Scheveningen you have a super nice restaurant called the Beachroom. At the Beachroom they also offer a tasting menu in addition to ‘a la carte’. It is a tasting menu tapas de luxe including dessert where you can make an unlimited choice from more than 35 small dishes. You pay a fixed amount of 29.90 euros. The Beachroom has also taken vegans and vegetarians into account: 9 vegan and 12 vegetarian dishes. What’s also nice is that they change the menu every 2 months with new dishes. They did this to be able to continue to surprise the regular customers. Tried the tasting tapas de luxe. Read more my blog.

The Beachroom


The Beachroom was started in June 2019 by Sander van Beek. He is one of the three owners of the Beachroom. Sander has moved from Ermelo to Scheveningen. Initially it was the intention to start his restaurant in another city, but eventually it became Scheveningen. And of course we are happy about that. The Beachroom is in a beautiful location on the boulevard and below the Kurhaus hotel. He has furnished his restaurant in a tasteful and modern way.

The quality of the food is of paramount importance at the Beachroom. Food is prepared using only fresh ingredients from the best local suppliers. What the Beachroom also finds important is that its staff are customer-oriented and service-oriented towards the customers. The staff is also trained for this. What is also very good about the Beachroom is that the complaints are taken seriously to prevent recurrence. As a result, they continue to improve themselves in the field of quality, customer- and service-oriented.

The tasting Tapas de Luxe and the ‘ a la carte’

The unlimited tasting Tapas de Luxe for a fixed price

In September 2019, the Beachroom introduced an all-you-can-eat concept to the public. It is an unlimited tasting tapas de luxe including dessert for a fixed amount of 29.90 euros. You can choose from more than 35 small dishes that you can share with others. Think of share dining!. Vegans and vegetarians have also been thought of with 9 vegan and 12 vegetarian dishes.

How does it work? You order the dishes per round. The difference with the other restaurants with an all-you-can-eat concept is the way of ordering. The staff takes your orders at the table instead of an order card or orders via a tablet. In addition, the staff can help you choose the dishes. This is a piece of service to the customers. The menu is updated every 2 months with different dishes. This is of course very nice for the regular customers of the Beachroom.

A la Carte

If you prefer to order ‘a la carte’, that is of course also possible at the Beachroom. An offer of well-known classic dishes such as spare ribs, satays, sole and steak with butter sauce.

Cocktails and bottles of cavas with own design

You can order delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails at the Beachroom. In addition, the owner has designed the sleeves of the bottles of cavas in collaboration with a company. These look nice. The cavas taste good by the way. You know I’m not a big fan of cava, but I really drank theirs like water. I was honestly surprised about that. The bottles of cava are for sale at the Beachroom.

How did I experience the Beachroom as a whole?

I was kindly received by the staff of the Beachroom. The tasting was a real joy for me. Unlimited food with a large choice of luxury tapas dishes for a fixed amount. That’s so great!. I found the small dishes to be eye-catching, colorful but also really delicious. In addition, the atmosphere was also very pleasant. A more casual and laid back atmosphere. I immediately got a kind of holiday feeling. My experience with the Beachroom was therefore very positive. I highly recommend the Brasserie the Beachroom in Scheveningen!

The Beachroom

Strandweg 31 A in Scheveningen

Website: the Beachroom

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