About me


A small introduction:

My name is Marilyn and i live in The Hague in Holland. I have always loved food but I didn’t like to cook. For years I have lived on take away food, streetfood, dining in restaurants and so on. Yes anything what didn’t require for me to cook but that changed few weeks ago. I got inspired by the food photos that I had seen on social media, eye-catching colorful dishes but also the way how they were photographed. So I learn myself to cook and I actually love it. I love to be creative and to experiment with food. It is important for me that the food is delicious but also the presentation has to be beautiful and i want to capture this by taking photos and filming from different angles.

I started this blog to share easy-to-make recipes with you but also giving reviews about hotspots, restaurants, foodevents, products and so on. I hope you will like it :-).

You can find me also on Instagram : Marilyn_Amaterasu. Feel free to follow me also there. If you have any questions or you want to collaborate with me or invite me, you can contact me on my emailadress info@marilynamaterasu.nl

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