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Xiringuito beach bar for Mediterranean cuisine

Beach bar Xiringuito is located on the beach of Scheveningen. You can go there for the Mediterranean dishes. So read on about Xiringuito

Beach bar Xiringuito is located on the beach of Scheveningen. You can go there for the Mediterranean dishes. So read on about Xiringuito

Xiringuito beach bar


After more than 10 years of beach club Doen, it was time for something new for the owners. They decided to go for a complete change of the beach bar in the Mediterranean style.

The name Xiringuito

A new beach tent naturally also needs a new name. The owners chose the name Xiringuito. This name means “beach tent” in Catalan. What they found very unique and fitting with the new identity of their beach tent.

I can very well imagine that it is difficult to pronounce the name Xiringuito in the right way. That is why I mention this link of the site for you, so that you know what the correct pronunciation of Xiringuito is -> .

My experience with the Xiringuito beach bar

From the boulevard of Scheveningen you can see the beach bar Xiringuito on the beach. There I became acquainted with the group, the staff and the co-owner Tjebbe Oyevaar. He told us extensively about his beach tent, but also about the new menu. Xiringuito had already selected a number of favorite dishes from the new menu for us in advance. While the food was being prepared by the cook, I looked around curiously.

The interior

The beach tent looks spacious from the inside with large green plants and home accessories here and there. As a result, it radiates tranquility and even feels homely. The large windows are ideal. Firstly, the daylight shines through the large windows, so that the room is well lit. Secondly, you have a beautiful view of the beach and the sea. Xiringuito also has a separate lounge area with a fireplace, where you can relax. And there is also an open kitchen, so you can see the chefs at work. Finally, there is an outside terrace for sun worshipers.

The Mediterranean dishes

As soon as the food was ready we were called to sit at the table. The different small dishes were put on the table by the wait staff. Because the tapas is shared dining, it is the intention that we all share the food. Do you want to know what I liked? Then view the photos with the dishes. I found these dishes really delicious.

Thank you so much for the invitation Xiringuito for the hospitality

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