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Amici introduces a new concept ‘Illimitato Antipasti’

Amici is an Italian restaurant in The Hague and specilizes in Neapolitan food. It has recently introduced an new concept 'Illimitato Antipasti' also unlimited antipasti.

Amici has recently introduced a new concept of “Illimitato Antipasti” to the public. “Illimitato Antipasti” means unlimited small appetizers. This is my first introduction to the new concept but also to the Amici restaurant itself. Read more about my experience with Amici.

The Amici restaurant in The Hague

Amici specializes in Neapolitan food

The Amici restaurant is located at Van Speijkstraat 43 in The Hague. The owner comes from Napoli’s ‘Lucrino’. That is why he knows Neapolitan cuisine like no other. This also explains why Amici has specialized in Neapolitan food. On the day I was there, I had met the owner Angelo Lenters. Amici has developed an extensive menu of Neapolitan dishes and wants to bring a piece of Italy to the table of the guest. In short, the mission of Amici is to let their guests experience ‘the taste of Italy’.

New concept “Illimitato Antipasta”

Amici has recently introduced a new “Illimitato Antipasti” concept. “Illimitato Antipasti” means unlimited small appetizers. Ideal for sharing with others, also known as share dining. Although their new concept is an all-you-can-eat concept, Amici sees this slightly differently. According to Amici, this only concerns unlimited small starters of Italian street food. That does not include desserts. You have to pay this separately. For unlimited antipasti you pay 27.50 euros excluding desserts and drinks per person. Unlimited antipasti is not intended for daily but only days specified by the restaurant. These are November 14, December 13 and December 27 for this year and can be reserved at Amici itself.

Kennismaking met Amici en hun nieuwe concept

I was invited as a guest of the food blogger Priya of She was invited by Amici to become acquainted with their new concept. In addition, she was allowed to take introduces and I was one of them. The “game rules” of the new concept was explained to me by the staff. Amici has an extensive menu of 44 anti pasti that you can choose from. You can choose 2 dishes from the menu in each round. A really nice concept and the food was delicious.

Looking back

Although the food was delicious, we had to wait a very long time for our food. Due to the large crowds, the kitchen was no longer able to keep up. This caused a major delay in serving the dishes. This means that the guests indeed had to wait a long time for their food. In addition, we received either the wrong dish or they even forgot to serve a dish at our table. The evening was therefore a bit chaotic. Despite the delay, the food is highly recommended. I also experience the staff as being customer-friendly. I’d definitely come back again.

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