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Jean Marie’s excellent game meat dishes

Jean Marie restaurant is known for their excellent game meat dishes, but also their wine collection. I don’t normally like game meat dishes but since I’ve been there I am open to it now. Jean Marie introduced me to dishes that I really enjoyed with matching wines. I learned to eat both game dishes and wine. Now I also appreciate it more. Read on my blog.

Jean Marie restaurant in Gouda


I have already met the cordial and sweet couple Jan and Marieke Hartman. They are the proud owners of their restaurant Jean Marie in Gouda. The name Jean Marie is derived from their first names Jan and Marieke and their great preference for France. The French influences are clearly noticeable in the kitchen but also in the interior. The division of roles between Jan and Marieke is very well arranged in the restaurant. He is in the kitchen as a head chef, where he and his team can prepare excellent culinary game dishes. Marieke is doing great as a hostess.

BiB Gourmand Benelux

They have been running their restaurant successfully for 28 years. The restaurant is one of the few restaurants in the Netherlands that has existed for so long. Jean Marie has again won a “BIB Gourmand Benelux” this year. It is a prestigious award from Michelin, handed out by inspectors and inspectors for restaurants, offering a quality three-course menu under 37 euros. What a great achievement, Jean Marie!


The interior is decorated in a country style with a French influence. You see the use of intense colors and a beautiful wooden floor which gives it a warm appearance. It looks very luxurious and yet homely. The owner Marieke, who took care of the interior design, certainly has an eye for details. The style and colors are very well matched. She can also do the interior at my place!

Great initiative

Jean Marie participated in October with the campaign “All of Gouda bakes” on the occasion of the week against loneliness. The goal is to bring lonely people from Gouwen into contact with each other. They are invited to sit down at the cozy wooden table while enjoying a cup of coffee and cake or freshly baked cake. After this promotion, Jean Marie continued with the lounger table for lonely guests. Guests who are alone are welcomed to sit at this table together with other guests, so that they can make contact with each other. A beautiful and noble thought!


Sustainability is of paramount importance. That is, nothing is wasted on an animal: everything is used. Seasonal dishes are served, depending on what a hunter takes. In addition, fresh local seasonal products are also used. With years of experience, Jan can come up with a delicious dish based on the products he receives.

Attention to dietary requirements and allergies

If dietary requirements and allergies are passed on to Jean Marie in advance, this will certainly be taken seriously. Jean Marie has indeed taken this very well with us. People with allergies can eat here with peace of mind as long as they are informed of this in time.

“BOB” wine arrangement

You can also opt for a “BOB wine arrangement”. This is especially for the people that are driving. You get then a suitable wine with each dish in a small glass. It is more of a taste than a glass. Jean Marie has an extensive wine collection. The sommelier looks very young, but has knowledge of what he serves. He brought a perfectly matching wine to every dish. Normally I don’t like wine, but as a “wine virgin” I learned to drink wine there. The wine selection matched every dish!

Culinary 5-course wild dinner


We were the first to get appetizers of salmon and Stellendam shrimp. To our surprise, Marieke drove a cart with a salmon fillet smoked in the house. We first received an explanation of how they smoke the salmon fillet themselves at home. It was a nice big salmon fillet that she cut into wafer-thin slices with a large knife. I watched with great admiration how she did it. The slices were cut perfectly thin and the taste was formidable in combination with the capers and pickled onion. This is totally incomparable with the taste of a smoked salmon fillet from the supermarket. Then we got an amuse spoon with Stellendam shrimp, prepared with ginger and onion in soy sauce. This tasted like more.

Game meat dishes

Since I have always avoided game meat dishes, I went completely out of my comfort zone with Jean Marie. As a starter we were served smoked goose with onion compote and mushrooms. To my surprise I found the smoked goose in combination with onion compote and mushrooms to be tasty. Then came the side dish of fried walleye fillet with capers and farmers corn, also as popcorn. I liked the popcorn. It just added that extra to the fried pike-perch. As a main course we got a pheasant leg. This is a sausage made from the remains of a pheasant on a bed of sauerkraut with a stewed pear. I found it surprising how well the sauerkraut and pheasant and the sauce go together.


My dessert consisted of stewed pears, ice cream, nuts and a milk-based sauce. Priya received an adapted dessert because of her cow’s milk and nut allergies.

Looking back

Jean Marie restaurant is the ideal location for wildlife lovers. Our experience with Jean Marie was very positive. They have taken our dietary requirements into account, especially as the allergies can be life threatening to Priya. Jean Marie completely left my comfort zone. Through them I learned to appreciate game dishes and wine. We want to thank Jean Marie enormously for the invitation and the hospitality.

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