Foodbloggers tour The Hague hotspots tips 2019

Foodbloggers tour The Hague hotspots tips 2019. Last year I wrote about food blogger tour The Hague hot spots tips 2018. Do you want to know what the hot spot spots 2019 of the food bloggers tour The Hague are, then read on.

Foodbloggers tour The Hague hotspots tips 2019

The food bloggers tour The Hague is organized every year by the ladies Anne-Marie and Marjolein. They are familiar with the culinary hotspots in and around The Hague and their tours are very well organized and organized to the last detail. The ladies introduced us to a number of culinary hotspots in The Hague. Below you can read what these are. Photos and videos are at the bottom.


Gallery 61 is a brasserie in The Hague’s oldest indoor shopping center De Passage. When you walk in, the interior is modern and colorful with details of painting. They call themselves “artistic, stubborn and unique – just like the city itself”. Furthermore, they describe themselves that she always paints with local flavors and just outside the lines. Nice description that they use fresh local products and that they make something creative from their dishes. This was my first introduction to Gallery 61 and I enjoyed it very much. We got a taste of the menu. First a mango smoothie. Then a soup and then small snacks of spring roll, shrimp snack, chicken wrap and falafel. Definitely worth a visit.

Gallery 61

2.Daddy Donut X Churros Cartel

This had previously been Donuts & Co. Tim Tromp then took over with a new concept. Years ago he first started with a food truck to turn classic donut into a modern version. He then took the next step to start a donut store this year with the name Daddy Donut X Churros Cartel. His new concept, however, is not only to do donuts in a modern version, but also to do this with churros and freak shakes.

The donuts are in different flavors and colors. Thanks to his own recipe, his donuts taste the way they should and they stay soft the next day. He even has mini donuts, 6 or 12 in a box. You know that he is so far the only one in the Netherlands that makes freshly made glazed colorful churros. You see this a lot in Hong Kong but also more and more in a number of Asian countries and Australia where colorful churros are normal. Daddy Donut X Churros Cartel is clearly recommended.

Daddy Donut X Churros Cartel

3.Hug The Tea

Hug the Tea is one of my favorite places in The Hague. As a matcha enthusiast, I enjoy going to Hug The Tea. The proud owners are the lovely sisters Claire & Lisa and they started Hug The Tea in The Hague in 2015. They have high quality matcha tea and their own brand can be purchased in their own lunchroom as well as in a number of organic stores such as Ekoplaza.

The interior is modern, cozy and Japanese with bamboo furniture and a wall painting of a pink blossom tree. Their range has been fairly extensive for years. Think of various kinds of Japanese tea, matcha drinks, tea sets, matcha sweets and food items. You can have a delicious lunch or dinner there. On their site you can find the dates for dining. If you are a matcha enthusiast and you live in The Hague or you happen to be in The Hague, then definitely go there.

Hug The Tea

4.Mugs and Mermaids

Mugs and Mermaids is a cute, trendy, cozy place where you will be served deliciously colorful dishes. In her breakfast and lunch room you can order breakfast and lunch all day long. Mugs and Mermaids clearly shows that food can look beautiful, taste great but can also be responsible. And I like that. The owner Charessa Vivaldi often prepares the dishes herself and these look great. She knows how to make her dishes instagram worthy. You can also order her products online on her site.

Why the name Mugs and Mermaids? She indicates that she loves mermaids and also, for example, unicorns. These represent freedom and the pursuit of her dreams, which is what she has done with her own business. And that has clearly been a good move. Mugs and Mermaids is a place that you should definitely go to.

Mugs and Mermaids

5.Teds and Yoisho at Teds

At Teds you can enjoy breakfast, brunch and lunch. This is also one of my favorite places in The Hague. I have written about Teds here before, read here> my report. The owner Sanne Huisman wanted to make a statement with her concept with regard to the culture of restaurants in the Netherlands. This concerns set times of breakfast, lunch and dinner. With her concept she wanted to do something completely different and make it possible for the public to be able to order breakfast, brunch and lunch all day long. Her concept became very successful and many quickly followed her example.

She fondly named the name Teds after her dog Ted. The interior has been decorated by Sanne and it looks modern but also homely. The dishes and drinks that Teds offers are also the dishes and drinks that Sanne really likes. Teds has an extensive menu card. My favorites are Fruity French Toast, a delicious French toast and Eggs Norwegian. If you want a delicious breakfast or brunch or lunch, then this is definitely a place where you can find it.

If you want to have dinner, TEDS also has Yoisho at Teds. It is only in The Hague on Friday and Saturday from 6 pm. I can best describe food as Asian fusion street food. That is also recommended.


6.DS pastry shop

The French DS pastry shop in The Hague. They make the most delicious macarons in different flavors and I like to come by for their macarons. In addition, they also sell beautiful pastries that they make themselves. They also have bread, croissants, pâté, wine and recently also soft ice cream in different flavors. I was able to taste this during the food bloggers tour The Hague. The owners are Kelly and her husband Robert-Jan. She has turned her hobby into a full time job. This allows us to enjoy her wonderful creations. A must if you want to spoil yourself with French delicacies.

DS Pastry shop

7.Pierre Par CP

Pierre Par CP is an ideal place for wine lovers. It is a food and wine bar on the Denneweg in The Hague. They have an extensive range of exclusive but also accessible wines from all over the world. How about a stock of 750 wines! To make the wine experience complete, they also have bar snacks but also delicious dishes from chefs Tim Bood & Krisztian Parlagi. If you are a wine lover and you also love delicious culinary food, then definitely visit.

Pierre Par CP

8.The Student Hotel and the Commons

We finally visited the Student hotel and the Commons. This was our last stop. We were given a tour of the Student hotel. However, don’t be put off by the name if you are not a student. You can also simply spend the night here. The hotel is modern and hip. The room makes me think you are in a kind of student room that feels very cozy. In the restaurant section Commons of the Student hotel we enjoyed delicious cocktails and different kinds of snacks. If you come to The Hague, then definitely stay the night at the Student hotel.

Looking back

It was really well organized by Anne-Marie and Marjolein (click on their names for their report on the food blogger tour The Hague 2019). Thank you for your invitation to know more about my own beautiful city The Hague. I already knew about some of their culinary hotspots, but it’s always nice to visit them. I really enjoyed the food bloggers tour The Hague and it is worthwhile to visit them all.

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