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Kruydt: Eating out at home with specialties menu box

Kruydt: Eating out at home with specialties menu box. The Kruydt restaurant is already known in Delft for its high-quality and culinary dishes. Now they also have a Kruydt for home specialties menu box that you can order from them.

My friend and I went to try the Kruydt’s specialties menu box with the bottle of bubbles. It is really very easy to assemble chef-worthy dishes at home with Kruydt for at home specialties menu box. Do you want to know what our experience is with this box? Then read on.

Kruydt for at home specialties menu box

Restaurant Kruydt is located at 1 Paardenmarkt in Delft. It recently offers a culinary 3-course menu box for eating out at home for € 39.95 per person. Extra course costs € 10 per person. The home menu box is only available from Friday to Sunday. Because the 3-course home menu can be seasonal, you can see on their site which menu they have at that moment.

The culinary 4-course menu (with an optional entremets)

The starter

First the starter. We can read on the instruction sheet which numbered items we should have. Then the instructional video shows us how to assemble an starter. It is really a matter of imitation. Very simple! The starter consists of corvina tartare with ponzu mayonnaise, radish, apple, pickled ginger, cucumber, carrot vinaigrette and yellow curry. What a colorful and eye-catching dish that is!

The combination of the ingredients and the exciting texture create an explosion of flavors. The creamy tartare almost melts on our tongues. We experience the pickled ginger with cucumber as a slightly tart fresh taste with a crunchy bite. The Yuzu pearls are very special. These are crunchy and at the same time liquid in the mouth. We can describe the yuzu taste more as the taste of a lemon, but light and less sharp. The starter certainly set a delicious tone for the rest of the menu for us.

The entremets

The next entremets (optional extra course) is Peking quail with 5-spice herbs, crispy leg, corn, marinated beech mushroom / spring onion and hoisin. This dish really tastes amazing. The corn and beech mushroom provide a nice counterpart in the structure balance of the quail and crispy bolt. The meat of the quail is juicy and has a special taste. The hoisin sauce makes it complete because it combines all flavors.

The dish therefore has so much umami in it that we are really looking forward to the next course. The word “umami” is Japanese and means “delicious taste”. You should understand this delicious taste as the ideal savory taste.

The main course

The main course Black Angus tenderloin with green asparagus, pea carbonara, potato savarin, romanesco, cream of cauliflower and vadouvan gravy of smoked shallot. It is also very nice that the meat has already been pre-cooked by Kruydt. We put together an impressive dish on our plate in a fairly short time. The full flavor of the tender Black Angus is balanced by the earthy and creamy peas, cream of cauliflower and romanesco and the neutral of the potato savarin. Really fantastic!

After all these savory flavors, we are very curious about the sweet ending.

The dessert and friandises

Ice cream of vanilla and pink pepper must be put in the freezer beforehand. However, we forgot to do this. Our desserts therefore look slightly different than what they should be normal according to the instruction video. We added friandises (mango lollipop and star anise truffle) to our desserts. Friandises are intended as small sweet snacks for coffee or tea.

Kruydt’s strawberry Romanoff dessert, like the rest of the menu, is eye-catching, colorful and a true feast in our mouths. This dessert consists of strawberry cremeux, yogurt curd, blueberry meringue, vanilla and pink pepper ice cream and basil sabayon. The strawberry cremeux in the shape of a donut is silky smooth with a very creamy taste. In the middle of the strawberry cremeux are the strawberry coulis with the fresh pieces of sweet strawberries. These go very well with the softness and light spiciness of the vanilla ice cream with pink pepper. Although our ice had become more liquid than a solid form. Of course, that does not detract from the taste that comes with the dessert. Furthermore, the fresh basil sabayon goes perfectly with it.

Looking back

We really enjoyed the preparations, the layout of the plates and the food. The special and distinct flavor combinations and the creative refinement of the dishes are simply sublime. The extensive menu, which is spread over clear trays and boxes with a handy number system, makes it possible to prepare a chef-worthy 4-course menu at home. The different courses ensure that we take the time to enjoy it with a glass of bubbles. The professional layout with the help of the video instruction creates a restaurant experience, as it were.

It is a very tasty and great alternative to eating out and sure to discover new flavor combinations. Kruydt for the home menu box is an absolute culinary recommendation! For more info, go to the site -> Kruydt for at home specialties menu box .

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