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Fresh! foodhall and fresh market

Do you know Fresh!, The fresh market of Mall of the Netherlands ?. If not, it is certainly worthwhile to visit. What a very nice foodhall that is! There are so many choices of stands with delicious food and other products. You can even in Fresh! do your daily shopping, because there is a bakery, butcher, greengrocer and more. In addition, you can attend a cooking demonstration by Robert van Beckhoven for free on certain days and get inspiration. Fresh! is in the Leidsenhage shopping center with its own parking garage where you can park your car for free. Read on why Fresh! so nice to visit.

Fresh ! Foodhall and fresh market

In Fresh! there are so many nice stands of local entrepreneurs with the freshest and local products. The name Fresh! fits nicely with that. In the middle of Fresh! fresh market, a large golden cooking island has been set up. This is intended for cooking demonstrations by Robert van Beckhoven and other guest chefs. Talk about guest chefs, see -> dates here. In short, I will tell you something about what it has to offer from each stand.

Anne & Max Leidschendam

Anne & Max is a cozy place where you can relax after a day of shopping. You can have a nice lunch here and enjoy a delicious freshly prepared cup of coffee or tea. It is a place where you can really feel at home. Anne & Max therefore calls himself “the living room” of the city.


DNVG abbreviated for De Nootzaak Van Genieten. This is a specialty store of nuts and dried fruits. The nuts are freshly roasted by the owners Roos and Alexandra. You can also go to DNVG for superior blend of the best coffees in the world. If you don’t like coffee, there is also tea both loose and in bags.

Henk Kraan

Henk Kraan is a fish caterer with an extensive assortment of fresh fish, fried fish, salads, sashimi, ready-made meals and more. I found salmon sashimi and tuna tataki delicious. They call themselves a class of their own with their affordable top quality for lunch, dinner or another snack with fish.

Itoshii sushi shop

Speaking of sashimi and tuna tataki. You can also eat this at the sushi restaurant with the name Itoshii. The name Itoshii means “loved” in Dutch. They also have delicious sushi, takoyaki (fried squid balls) and other Japanese delicacies.

Toko Bali

You can go here for authentic Indonesian dishes and sweets. In addition, they also sell pre-packaged products, so that you can prepare an Indonesian rice table yourself. Toko Bali strives for a high-quality assortment of Indonesian specialties and daily fresh home-made products. This has led to the fact that Toko Bali has been one of the national top 30 of the best Indonesian tokens for years. You can also go to this shop for various catering needs for both companies and individuals.

The spices of Marrakech

This is a stand where you can go for different herbs from more than 30 countries. The spices of Marrakech is also specialized in spice mixes. Their famous mix is ​​Marrakesh mix, made according to their authentic grandfather recipe. They can also advise which herbs best suit a particular dish.

Butchery Christiaanse

What is nice to know is that butcher shop Christiaanse only sells responsible meat in which animal-friendliness and good food are central. I immediately noticed that butcher shop Christiaanse has an extensive range. Think of fresh meat, ready-made meals, barbecue, salad dishes, freshly made sandwiches and snack dishes.

Salad box

For healthy salads you can go to Salad Box. They have salads that they have selected themselves, but you can of course also have your own salad put together. ErVolop choice of different vegetables, but also meat, fish and vegetarian. There are also wraps, home-made soups, desserts and drinks. They also deliver at home in the Leidschendam region.

Middendorp vegetables and fruits

Different types of salads than at Salad Box. Every Sunday the salads that are left are half off. Middendorp has an extensive range of local fruits, exotic fruits and vegetables. If you don’t feel like cutting vegetables and fruit, there are ready-to-eat vegetables and ready-to-eat fruit.


For cheese, tapas, nuts and wines you can go to Alexanderhoeve. Here they have freshly roasted nuts, just like at DNVG, which they also burn themselves.


This is a specialty store focused on Portuguese products and wine. The owner loves Portugal and wants to introduce you to Portuguese culture with his specialist store. All Portuguese delicacies and groceries can be found at Adega.

Jabugo / Bar Iberico

If you like Spanish food and wine, you can go to Jabugo Bar Iberico. Here they offer the best Spanish delicacies such as sandwiches with the real Iberico ham, but also other variations. Delicious drinks and other delicacies. Furthermore, a choice of Spanish wines.

Jermoumi / Olives and more

Jemoumi has an extensive range of various olives, nuts, delicious home-made tapenades and tapas. There are a number of tapenades on the table that you can taste to make the choice a lot easier.

Baker van Maanen/ Baking café

You can find freshly baked bread, croissants and other delicacies here. There is also a baking cafe where you can enjoy a pastry with a cup of coffee. How wonderful it is to smell the smell of freshly baked bread at baker van Maanen!

More Pastry

It is a vegan bakery where they only work with pure and natural products. They make the pastry based on fruit and vegetables, which naturally contain natural sweeteners. In addition, More Pastry responds to different dietary requirements and allergens, because everyone should be able to enjoy their cakes. They are therefore very proud that they have an extensive range of vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, low-sugar, halal and kosher products.

Pavarotti Dolce

During a short shopping break you can enjoy a pink Latte Macchiato or a freak shake or a delicious cupcake or just ice cream in different flavors. There are even sugar-free ice creams for people who have to eat sugar-free or consciously. Did you know that Pavarotti Dolce has been awarded as the best ice maker in the country? Stefan Beerens has won “Guilty pleasure” with his creation. This is their special combination of ice cream based on white chocolate ice cream, orange, salted caramel and a crunch of pecans.

Pavarotti Dolce also has a beautiful interior that seems to come from America in the 1950s.


Leonidas has opened the largest chocolate specialty store in the Netherlands with 80m2 in Fresh. In addition to the basic assortment of chocolates, you can also buy special seasonal chocolate. What is also nice to know is that 100% fresh cocoa butter is always used to make all chocolate creations. So quality is of paramount importance. There is also a chocolate fountain in this new store. They also have beautiful luxury packaging with chocolate. Leonidas remains a chocolate paradise for the sweet tooth like me.

YoYo Fresh tea bar

Yoyo Fresh tea bar select various types of tea, with which they then develop various types of drinks. This is another way of drinking tea. I like to drink a delicious refreshing bubble tea at YoYo Fresh tea bar. In addition to drinks, they also have a unique assortment of snacks inspired by Asian cuisine but with their own modern touch.

Wah Nam Hong Asian Market en restaurant

There is also a Chinese supermarket Wah Nam Hong Asian Market. They have a wide range of Chinese quality products. In addition, there is a separate room for sale of various teas and other products such as a tea set. You can also enjoy a Chinese high tea there. They also have a restaurant section where they have delicious Chinese dishes.


The Kippie counter is full of freshly grilled products and meals every day. They are easy to heat up at home, but you can of course also heat them up at Kippie itself. In addition to ready-made meals, grilled products, sandwiches, snacks and the Kippiebox, they also have so-called popular Chicken Pans with all kinds of chicken snacks. Ideal for, for example, a (birthday) party, drink or buffet.


At Vitaminboost you can go for super fresh juices. Moreover, many of the juices contain more vegetables than fruit, which means that they contain less sugar. You can also compile your own juice or smoothie here. There are also special juices for children that meet the daily portion of vitamins. Vitaminboost believes sustainability is important. That is why they only work with cups and straws made of biodegradable plastic.


Vitamin store is seen as the modern health specialist. They have an extensive range of 100% healthy nutritional supplements, the best brands of sports nutrition and the purest natural cosmetics. You can go to the store for expert and personal advice in the field of nutritional supplements and healthy food.


In the Nespresso shop in Fresh! as a visitor you can discover which of the twenty-five flavors you prefer by smelling, feeling and tasting. You can do this at a so-called “discovery at the bar”. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can use a tablet instead of fixed cash registers. Nespresso also does sustainability. Consider table tops made from coffee residues from the Swiss factory and the wood comes from reforestation programs. Furthermore, the list of used capsules at the recycling point as an eye-catcher. If you are curious about the world behind coffee and all taste options. Then there are experienced and expert baristas who will take you along.

My own experience with Fresh !

My experience with Fresh! is very positive. I discovered that Fresh! a cozy and very nice location with a large number of positions. I have tried many delicious things and enjoyed them. In addition, a great cooking demonstration by Robert Beckhoven to see where the public could also taste his food. Furthermore, a wide selection of food items, fresh and local products and more. This is a location that I will certainly visit regularly. Fresh! is clearly recommended.

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